debut in the Mediterranean in June 2023

Sales are officially open for the second Ncl First class unit, Norwegian Viva. Its debut is scheduled for June 2023, with a series of itineraries in the Mediterraneo and stopovers at some of the main destinations in southern Europe, including Lisbon, Trieste, Rome (Civitavecchia) and Athens. The unit will then move to Southern Caribbean for the 2023-2024 winter season, offering warm escapes departing from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Mirroring the design and structure of its sister ship, Norwegian Prima, the Viva was also built by Fincantieri in Marghera and will boast a length of 295 meters, for 142,500 gross tons, capable of accommodating a total of 3,219 guests in double occupancy. Among the news to report, the reinterpretation of The Haven by Norwegian environments: the public areas and the 107 dedicated suites have been designed by the designer Piero Lissoni and will include a large sunbathing area, an infinity pool overlooking the ship’s wake, and an outdoor spa with a glass-walled sauna and cold room for cryotherapy. Also present theOcean Boulevard, the open space of over 4 thousand square meters that envelops the entire ship as well as the Indulge Food Hall with 11 varieties of restaurants, the Concourse which boasts an outdoor sculpture garden, a large deck with outdoor infinity poolsInfinity Beach e Oceanwalk, a path with glass bridges over the water.

La Viva will also boast an eye-catching hull decoration designed by the Italian graffiti and sculpture artist Manuel Di Rita, commonly known as Peeta, who also created the hull design of the Prima. But other world-renowned architects who contributed to the design of the Prima, including Rockwell Group, Smc Design and the Miami-based Dado studio, have also returned to influence the aesthetics of various restaurants, cabins and public areas.

“La Viva is testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries in four main areas: large open space, service that puts guests first, thoughtful design and experiences beyond expectations,” emphasizes Norwegian Cruise Line’s president and CEO. Harry Sommer.

La Prima and Viva are both equipped with cutting-edge green technologies, including a Nox (Scr) emissions reduction system: Scr catalysts filter sulfur oxides up to 98% and nitrogen oxides up to 90%, ensuring that ships comply with Tier III limits for Nox emissions. The two units also boast an exhaust gas cleaning (Egcs) and waste water treatment system capable of meeting stringent international standards. Finally, they are equipped with cold ironing functionality to connect to onshore power grids.