Europe is struggling with corona measures – Veldslag Rotterdam stood out internationally, Seat employees almost all vaccinated

The Corona effect of the weekend of 20 and 21 November 2021, the Foodlog selection of the corona news from the (inter)national press. The Corona effect highlights cracks in the food chain, traces of new food systems and the ‘new healthy’. Here you will find our previous selections, in Spotted our daily newsroom.

Tension is mounting in Europe. According to the World Health Organization, half a million Europeans are at risk of death from Covid-19 this winter unless strict measures are taken (The Guardian, 3.2). In the Netherlands, the tension erupted this weekend in riots with injuries from police bullets and dozens of arrests. The Rotterdam riots on the Coolsingel made the international press (eg Deutsche Welle, 4.12). It is also restless in Austria, where a new lockdown is starting (Het Financieele Dagblad, 4.10). Governments are grappling with the measures to be taken to contain the fifth wave and increase vaccination coverage. Bloomberg (4.1) made an overview map:

But whatever you do as a government and however strict you monitor enforcement, there will always be individuals who manage to escape. Like that group of Dutch tourists, who arrived in Spain, tested positive. They disappeared overnight and are still without a trace (NOS, 3.9). “Incomprehensible” and “irresponsible”, the Spanish authorities find. They issued an international alarm, but so far without success (Trouw, 3.9). In Spain, the vaccination rate is about 84%, and the booster shots campaign started last month. The Spaniards take evasion of the quarantine measures seriously: failure to comply with the quarantine rules carries a fine between €3,000 and €60,000.

How seriously the Spaniards take corona is also apparent from the measure taken by car manufacturer SEAT to protect its employees. Unvaccinated employees were asked to eat lunch separately from the vaccinated employees (RTL Nieuws, 1.2). A separate place has been made for them in the canteen. According to a spokesperson, 5 of the 11,000 employees ate separately. The vaccination rate among SEAT staff is said to be 96%.

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