four product lines are launched; Manuela Altinier new director

New dress and revolutionized programming at Columbus To, which remains solidly part of the Primarete group but definitely changes skin, introducing itself to the market with important innovations. Starting with four new product lines, for an operator who aims to present himself as a to tailor madewith the ambitious intention of studying the most suitable trip for each target customer, customizing it according to the particular inclinations of each individual traveler.

Columbus Explorer is therefore the section designed for real travelers with a curious nature, who wish to deepen their knowledge of the less stereotyped aspects of a country, traveling along routes not very popular with tourism, exploring uncontaminated and unusual places, but no less interesting.

The Columbus Platinum is instead dedicated to luxury travel, with charming accommodations in exclusive locations, combined with a series of memorable activities and experiences. The goal is to surprise, fascinate, amaze and exceed all expectations.

Columbus Vacanze therefore includes the most classic and tested proposals, that never go out of style: a collection of ideal itineraries for a first approach to the destination, capable of responding to every budget need.

Finally, the Columbus Club contains a selection of accommodations, which stand out for their location, atmosphere and services, with a good quality – price ratio, obtained also thanks to the privileged relationships with the management.

“We want to propose a program that differs from the normal market offer and, as far as possible, recognizable: that is, that at a glance you understand that it is a Columbus product. This is why I asked all the staff to infuse their personality into their work, highlighting their passions. Because we too are travelers first of all – underlines the new director, Manuela Altinier, which comes from the Enjoy Destinations experience of Kkm Group -. In my case, for example, the passion that animates my heart in addition to traveling is music. Hence the meticulous search for music festivals all over the world, many of which are internationally renowned, but often not known by Italians. This is why we offer several departures on these special occasions, or we are always careful to recommend the unmissable appointments, the neighborhoods or clubs suitable for music lovers. Because too often the nightlife or the events, the fairs, the various opportunities offered by the destination are underestimated or left to the personal initiative of the traveler “.