from the financial shock of the pandemic to fragile connectivity

On the one hand, the financial shock caused by the pandemic, on the other hand the still tangible fragility of connectivity: This is how the 32nd Annual Congress and the General Assembly of Aci Europe with the general manager, Olivier Jankovecwhich described an industry with a clear vision of its future social and economic role, but struggling for the financial stability needed to achieve it.

European airports are still recovering from the unprecedented revenue slump caused by the pandemic, which has led to historic losses totaling more than € 20 billion in the past two years.

Data on global air connectivity in the European airport network indicates that we are still there below 29% compared to pre-pandemic levels, with the Greece which is thethe only country to have achieved a full recoverywhile Turkey marks a minus 3% compared to 2019 levels.
The best performing European markets are Spain (-23%), United Kingdom (-28%)Italia (-32%) e France (-34%).

Direct connections between Europe and Asia-Pacific mark a decrease of 52% compared to 2019; the low cost represent the 40% of direct air connectivity, compared to 27% in 2019.

The airport of Amsterdam Schiphol (-10%) maintained the first place for direct connectivity in absolute terms, followed by Istanbul Airport (-5%) and London Heathrow Airport (-13%).

“Covid-19 has accelerated changes in the airport market, where competitive pressures are increasing across the board both from low-cost and low-cost brands linked to groups of traditional carriers, which contract intensively with airports – he underlined Olivier Jankovec -. Europe’s air connectivity is an essential element of its economic competitiveness and social cohesion. With societal and regulatory pressures on aviation, it is important that all our partners understand its value. It is therefore important to ensure that the slot assignment rules reflect the connectivity needs of airport communities, while ensuring fair and open market opportunities“.