Gabriella Aires reapplies for the presidency of Fiavet Piemonte

Gabriella Aires, president of Fiavet Piemonte

Gabriella Aires he decided to reapply at the presidency of Fiavet Piemonte. It is a choice of continuity that aims at the definitive relaunch and consolidation of the regional federation.

“The basic idea – Gabriella Aires tells us – is this: continue the association’s program, carry out many initiatives that Covid, with the lockdowns, restrictions, and all the inconveniences we have experienced in this period, has not given us the opportunity to complete. And there are many things to do. First of all the fight against illegal, that we are opposing with a specific commission, which is working in a timely manner on this issue. Consolidate the relationship with the bilateral body, for the training and updating of travel agents ».

In this period, the training is certainly one of the winning points to grab the recovery. Indeed it should be a permanent training, to follow the evolution of the market and to be able to read them in the best way.

“Another point of my program involves a strong campaign of proselytizing. Fiavet Piemonte has great potential and we must make them known more and more. To do this it is also necessary to rethink the communication, which must focus on our activities, on the strong points of the regional association, on the importance of joining a federation that has a decisive role in distribution. It is also essential to continue with our events: the eductour which we launched last year, and which have had a very positive outcome. We did 13 proximity eductours in Piedmont and 2 in Switzerland, involving 250 people. Here, we want to continue with this project and extend it ».

Gabriella Aires, as president of Fiavet Piemonte has joined Visitpiemonte, which is to say that the association has entered the tourist heart of the region. «Entering Visitpiemonte must make us very proud. No other association was chosen, Fiavet was chosen. And this is a very positive fact for everyone ».