Gilded Glamour e o Baile do Met 2022

Today is the big day, the most important, fashion, irreverent, surprising night on the red carpet worldwide: the Met Ball! As I’m always asked, I decided to make a warm-up post on the topic so we can organize our expectations!

For this edition, Anna Wintour and the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute team chose “Gilded Glamour” as the continuation theme of the last Met and, as usual, the co-hosts who will open the red carpet works will be: Blake Lively (! !!), Ryan Reynolds, Regina King and Lin-Manuel Miranda. And we can expect one thing: glamour, exaggeration and opulence.

The so-called American golden age lasted a period of 30 years at the end of the 19th century, in which industrialists and real estate magnates saw their fortunes multiply thanks to the rapid growth of cities and their surroundings. You know the “old money” agenda from the other day? It was more or less that, in an era where Vanderbilt, Rockefeller and other famous New York surnames dominated the city of NY very similar to Gossip Girl but from the Gilded Era.

And where does fashion fit into this? “You are, what you wear”, of course, where there is money, there is ostentation and status, all represented with many opulent, structured clothes, with applications, lace, embroidery. The colors followed the jewelry chart, from gold and its nuances to lively tones of precious stones. The clothes were pompous, the accessories exaggerated (some clothes even had wings), gloves were dramatic and hats carried feathers and stuffed dead birds. Yes, we may see details like this later!

For the Gilded season, forget about Bridgerton and focus on the show Gilded Age! We will see many corsets, corselets, laces and everything that enhances the body and, yes, in the most archaic ways possible. Thin waist, huge derrières!

This is the most obvious and traditional side of the golden age, but along with that, it is also possible to expect a revolution against lace and corsets. Fashion is a master at subverting and with this era it couldn’t be different, because formality is also bold and the theme is full plate for the deconstruction of a theme and aesthetic, between us, quite outdated.

I think it will be an easy theme to incorporate as it can be visually obvious and adorably challenging, but we can also expect timing errors and confusion regarding eras with similar but different aesthetics to the theme.

And which designers and brands most represent the American golden age? Of course, local stylists will be very welcome, like Zac Posen (who no longer presents, but has an iconic collection) to the new generation like Christopher John Rogers. Overall, from Vivienne Westwood to Galliano in her Dior era, Gucci (Tom Ford is one of the hosts, after all) to McQueen. Glenn Martens to Elie Saab and their operatic gowns.

Finally, and just like every #BailedoMet, we will see 3 editorial lines: those that are totally representative, basically as a “custom”, a fantasy; those that use a detail, an artifice to include themselves in the theme; and the ones that go from pretty and simple like that, a lot for the VIP presence and even more because they simply go for a brand and can’t go much further than that. And what makes #MetGala THE fashion event of the year is just that, this adorable smorgasbord where we expect a lot and generally deliver at a high level!

Personally, I like it when celebrities choose a specific look for a figure from that era and incorporate it into today, full of references (this happened a lot last year). And, for me, that’s where Anna Wintour’s finger-and-mind comes in, serving these historical and fashion refreshments and not choosing runway looks as previously mentioned.

So later we have an appointment on our live on Instagram, feed, stories and here blog! And if you saw someone with questions about the topic, share this post! #bailedomet #metgala2022