Giuseppe Salvini, Chamber of Commerce of Florence: “After BTO, extraordinary results”

Giuseppe Salvini

Giuseppe Salvini, general secretary of the Florence Chamber of Commerce, takes stock of the five days of BTO 2021 and talks about the other initiatives in store for the relaunch of Florence and Tuscany on the international tourism map.

“The balance is extraordinarily positive thanks to the stakeholders of tourism not only national but also international, great testimonials who in these days were guests of the chamber of commerce, Nana Bianca, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence has returned to the center of attention for what it concerns international tourism “.

“An important step was taken: having put an extraordinarily touristic city like Florence back at the center of this reflection and discussion on the tourism of the future”.

And the tourism of the future seems to smile, with growing numbers and important prospects for a restart. “We ended 2020 with a vertical drop of almost 80% in tourists, 2021 should close with +61 percent and an increase in domestic tourism of 11 percent. So tourism is restarting, even if, obviously, we are not yet at the levels of 2019 ».

And speaking of tourism and BTO, we certainly cannot forget the digital dimension. «Online will be the watchword of the tourism of the future – explains the secretary general -. Tourism multipliers will also be the great food and wine excellences, not just art, culture, landscape ».

For Salvini, food and wine are not only supply segments that can intercept the interest of international tourism, but are real “multipliers of tourist presence” if it is true that “71 percent of foreign tourists who choose Tuscany and Florence do it also for the great attractiveness of our gastronomic excellences ».

Regarding the initiatives for the near future, Salvini reveals that these will be precisely the issues on which the Florence Chamber of Commerce is focusing its commitments. «The Florence Chamber of Commerce is very active in these areas – he explains -. A month ago we organized BuyFood, an online and face-to-face salon dedicated to the great PDO and PGI excellence. We will continue in February with BuyWine and with wine previews ».

Claudiana Di Cesare