Harmonia Travel and One People Travels join forces

Sara Sampieri

Harmonia Travel e One People Travels have joined their forces to offer the Italian market an important new product that can be of help to those who are looking for their customer something that can whet their propensity to travel, to discover and combine two destinations. as different as they are very similar.

“We looked for each other and in the end we found each other – comments the founder at Harmonia Travel Ahmed Mabruk -. We wanted something different, which would elevate the leisure context to a new dimension, we have combined travel in Saudi Arabia with the emirate of Abu Dhabi and we are going to do it in partnership with two of the most important airlines in the Middle East: Saudia and Etihad Airways ».

The challenge is important, the thrill of a journey that passes by the limits of the fairytale, from a thousand and one nights.

«We met about a year ago and the working spark immediately took off. We are specialized for Israel, we then expanded into Saudi Arabia and now we are going to take that market niche that wants to combine multiple cultures in a single itinerary – continue Sara Sampieri, CEO of One People Travels Italia -. let’s imagine taking our travelers first to Mecca and then to the Emirate Great Mosque, for a succession of great emotions ».

Ahmed Mabruk

Not to be overlooked is the all-Italian collaboration between Antonella Cataldi (Country Manager of Etihad) and Fabio Zinanni (Sales & Marketing Manager of Saudia) who sat down (so to speak) and decided to carry out an experiment that it is already bearing fruit.

The gaze is aimed at the restart and at those places where Italians are allowed to enter, and also easily. Molecular swab 72 hours before departure, tourist visa, suitcase, camera, comfortable shoes and… let’s go to the discovery of two of the most beautiful countries in the entire gulf!