journey through excellence, from unique products to starred restaurants

Peru turns on the spotlight, oncelta more, on its gastronomic excellence, after the recent World Travel Awards have once again confirmed the country as the best ‘Culinary Destination in South America’. The gastronomic excellence of Peru and its international recognition in recent years has also been demonstrated by the recurring presence of 3 Peruvian restaurants in the ranking of the 50 best in the world – Virgilio Martinez’s Central, also the best restaurant in South America in 2021, the Maido by Mitsuharu Tsumara and the Astrid & Gastón, by the famous chef Gastón Acurio – and, more recently, by the coronation of Pía León, chef and owner of Kjolle, as well as co-owner of Central, as the best female chef in the world just 30 years according to ’50 best ‘2021. In recent years, however, the attention of the Peruvian restaurant world has increasingly shifted towards tradition, in an attempt to rediscover the origins and roots of the many regional cuisines that today give life to a gastronomy recognized and established all over the world.

When traveling between the different ecosystems of Peru, from the coast, to the Andes, to the Amazon, one also proceeds on a journey between the different regional cuisines. Lima has undoubtedly managed to gain an excellent and well-deserved reputation as one of the best gastronomic capitals in the world but Andean cuisine is no exception, with its chupes, soups, meats and delicious desserts made with corn, milk and fruit. Here the Novoandina cuisine is also born, a new culinary style that proposes to return to the eating habits of the pre-Hispanic past to recreate and, therefore, rediscover many of the native ingredients. And again, the cuisine of the Peruvian Amazon not only welcomes us with its exotic dishes, but also attracts the traveler with its great variety of culinary delights; finally, the warm climate of the north coast of Peru offers a wide choice of seafood and fish.

The geographical extension and the variety of microclimates have allowed the development of a vast wealth of products and ingredients, among which there are for example more than three thousand different types of potatoes or hundreds of species of peppers, quinoa, a huge variety of corn of all colors and much more. Among the main products of Peru, the famous super foods stand out, an inexhaustible pantry of fruit, cereals and vegetables, unsurpassed for taste and beneficial properties. From 2017 to today, the Super Foods Peru brand has stood out during the most representative international food events and fairs: from cocoa to coffee, passing through Pisco.