Kel 12 – Maurizio Levi’s travels in roadshow to present an unprecedented Saudi Arabia

From left, Maurizio Levi and Gianluca Rubino

Bergamo, Bologna e Roma they were the first cities to host the Kel 12 evenings – Maurizio Levi’s Travels dedicated to Saudi Arabia, in collaboration with the Saudi Tourism Authority. A roadshow organized in locations with a strong cultural and artistic vocation, in line with the philosophy of the two brands, to present an unusual destination, proposed by both brands.

“Saudi Arabia represents part of the history of Maurizio Levi’s travels, who was already a pioneer in the country in 2002 – explains the CEO of the to, Gianluca Rubino -. Finally, thanks to the recent tourist reopening, we can continue to let our travelers discover it, with the style that characterizes us and new itineraries “.

In fact, there are four trips offered by the two brands to get to know and deepen the destination: a Kel 12 tour, of a cultural nature with particular attention to comfort, a Viaggi Levi itinerary, more concentrated and with a more adventurous spirit and two collaborative trips between the two brands, in balance between discovery, culture and comfort.

Recent news the itinerary conceived and accompanied by Maurizio Levi, with a single departure from 8 to 18 March 2022: the stone roots among the sands of the Nefud, to explore, in addition to the most famous sites, also the northern area of ​​the country, among red sand dunes and rock carvings. “We are very satisfied with the enthusiastic response obtained from the agents – they say Daniela Di Berardino e Valeria Bertalero, sales managers for Central-Southern and Northern Italy -. These are precious opportunities for meeting and discussion, which we will carry out in 2022 together with new projects and synergies with partner travel agencies “.