Lifting restrictions boosted retail trade in June



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Jul 19, 2021

Retail sales continued to advance in June, up 1.5% from May, boosted by the lifting of health restrictions, according to data released Monday by the Banque de France.


“While sales of food products are stable (+ 0.2%), those of manufactured products, up + 10.2%, allow this general progress”, details the central bank in a press release.

Sales of manufactured products rose 1.3% above their level of June 2020, and even 11.9% above their level of June 2019, underlines the Banque de France.

“It is above all personal equipment products that are experiencing the best developments, in particular textiles and clothing (+ 25.6% compared to May), sports equipment (+ 23.0%) and ‘watchmaking and jewelry (+ 20.9%) “, details the press release.

By type of point of sale, small businesses are doing well, with sales up 11.4% over one month, as are department stores (+ 17.6%), against a decline for large retailers ( -1%), supermarkets (-3.6%) and hypermarkets (-0.8%), which however together account for more than 80% of retail sales.

The reopening of shops in May also penalized distance selling. They fell 3.5% in May (June figures are not yet available), after rising 4.3% in April.

From May 19, all businesses were able to reopen with attendance gauges, after the closures imposed for several weeks due to the worsening of the Covid-19 epidemic in the spring. Trade fairs were able to resume from June 9.

On the other hand, the summer sales only started on June 30, postponed by one week at the request of certain traders. Retail sales do not reflect all household consumption, since they do not include other expenditure items, such as rents, health or education expenses.

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