Long-term travel: coming home after 10 months [Die Entdeckung Europas]

In reality, too, a return home is planned for today: After two weeks in Scotland, we land in IJmuiden near Amsterdam in the morning and set off for home. Of course, I will soon be reporting in great detail on our first trip abroad “since Corona”. So that you can find something new in the family4travel blog today, I have finally prepared the photos of our return after our long-term trip for you. Here comes the photo contribution to chapter 40 of my book “The Discovery of Europe”*: Coming home after 10 months.

Back home after 10 months on the road

In June 2015, after a ten-month break from traveling, we returned to our home farm. We have traveled to 19 countries in this time. Met countless people. Never stayed anywhere for more than a week at a time. Learned, laughed, lived so much. Us experienced, as a family. And then suddenly we’re home again.

Through the dirty windshield, I snap the memorable moment as we drive past when we get German soil under our wheels again.

The promised online illustration of our long-term trip with family 2014/15 is still missing three chapters. Yes, the chapter about getting back home is not the last in my book. Significantly.

Coming home after a long trip

Word has gotten around that coming home after a journey lasting several months is not entirely trivial. Almost every travel blog that reports on a trip around the world or a longer break dedicates a separate chapter to the return journey.

Border Germany Luxemburg Autobahn

We are entering Germany via Luxenburg. Nobody thinks about border controls in 2015.

I too wrote and published a blog post in the first few days after we arrived home: After the break – Arriving at home.

And a few days later, after reflecting and walking through a German city all by myself for a change, I added: After the family break – 4 insights from Hanover.

back home after long time travel

We’re not spending our first evening in Germany at home, but are passing through with friends in Trier. So we can savor the travel feeling a little longer.

Coming home after long-term travel in other travel blogs

Just for fun, I picked out a few detailed blog posts on this topic. (After all, I don’t just want to smack you in the face with a few old photos that only those who have read my book can relate to anyway.)

  • Aylin and Stefan share with the TravelEpisodes her thoughts on the flight back from her trip around the world. Her conclusion: “Returning is more frightening than leaving.”
  • Sarah alias Rapunzel wants out deals intensively with it. Six months after the return trip, she wrote this article: After the long-term journey – coming home and staying. The article has ranked at the top of Google for this keyword since 2015 and has also captured some very interesting comments from other bloggers.
  • Very personal and emotional, Sabine pulls away SeaYouSoon a year after their 16-month long-term trip balance sheet: almost a year back – and now?
  • After several years of “bicycle tour” comes Heike alias Pushbikegirl home. This is of course a completely different house number! Your headline is typically an understatement: Coming home after 4.7 years is no easy task.
  • MiMaMeike tells almost two weeks later about her coming home after the sabbatical: I’ll be back then. In 2016 she spent 4.5 months in North and Central America.
  • There’s even an entire blog dedicated to nothing else: Life after Backpacking. (Although “entire blog” is an exaggeration. The “blogger” Tobias has been offering two articles in it since 2016, which for my taste hit the “The guru regulates your life for you” tone too much. The associated paid e-book is apparently no longer available.)
  • In Die Zeit, three travelers talk about what it was like to come home after a long journey. (I find that interesting because they’re not bloggers.)

Magical moment in the morning in Trier: Silas is allowed to press. It’s going home!

Back home: Pictures of magical moments

Anyone else there? Hopefully, anyone who is seriously interested in the subject is now provided with further reading. “At most your mother is still reading this far down in the article – if you’re lucky,” the Master of SEO I trust likes to say. (Although he probably meant my other mammoth articles. And he’s probably throwing his hands up in his head that I’m linking it here so incoherently. Max, hops and malt are lost here anyway.) [Unbezahlte, unbeauftragte Werbung übrigens… Er ist aber echt gut! Abgesehen davon, dass er mich nie zu gewinnbringenderem Denken und Handeln erziehen konnte…]

Autobahn exit on the way home after long-term travel

How many times have we passed this sign on the way home. On this day we perceive it very consciously.

Anyway, if you actually scrolled down to here, you’re probably in the handful that read my book. I am now also sharing a few very private snapshots with you from the moments of reunion after our trip. (Most of them are actually in the two “contemporary” blog posts.)

Town sign Obernkirchen

And there is the local town sign!

Joy of reunion.

Welcome, homecoming after long-term travel

My sister prepared something there.

Trunk Tetris

Unpack one last time. We’ve perfected the Trunk Tetris over the past ten months.

Road trip with kids, luggage long term travel

Back home with all our luggage.

Champagne. celebrate homecoming.

Souvenirs from Champagne. A worthy reason to behead it right away.

The day after, Janis celebrates his 11th birthday. Grandma found suitable wrapping paper.

And that was the journey we came from

Thankfully, we were able to say goodbye to traveling in installments. Exactly how that was for us can be found in the said chapter in “The Discovery of Europe” (and in the two blog posts linked above).

In a total of 42 self-contained chapters, my book describes the stations of our eleven-month long-term journey with children. In contrast to my blog, where the focus is always on tips for imitation, in the book I mainly talk about the very subjective experiences away from the big sights. It’s about encounters with people and about us as a family. Independent reviews and direct ordering are available here at Amazon.*

Click here for the other photo chapters.

Cover The Discovery of Europe Lena Marie Hahn book

In here are memories of the best time of our lives!