‘Mozzarella’ of almonds – Vegan cheese to contribute to CO2 reduction

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“The family business Züger Frischkäse in eastern Switzerland processes fresh, regional quality milk into delicious fresh cheese products. Züger produces, among other things, Italian cheese, such as mozzarella, mascarpone, ricotta, cream cheese, grill cheese and organic cheese.”

“We have been nominated with MozzaVella, our vegan mozzarella. This is a premium quality mozzarella made from organic almond milk. The MozzaVella is gluten-free and lactose-free. We chose almond milk because of the taste and the fact that it is readily available in organic terms. The production of almond mozzarella is very similar to that of traditional mozzarella with microbiological rennet, made from microorganisms.”

“At Anuga (the most important trade fair for trends in the food sector, ed.) we received a lot of praise for this product, especially from our American, Scandinavian and Japanese customers.”

“We have developed this vegan cheese to also contribute to the required CO2-reduction. Züger Frischkäse is also committed to sustainable production. 60% of the energy we use for our cheese production is generated by solar panels and wood-fired generators. Residual wood from the Swiss Alpine forests is used for this. The remaining 40% electricity is taken from the ordinary power grid.”

“The entire food industry should do its part to reduce climate change and global warming. The industry can do a lot with solar energy and wind turbines. It can also set a good example by reducing sugar and fat from products and opting more for organic. Retail should reward these kinds of actions in a positive way. But… in the end it is the consumer who decides what is bought.”

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