Mr Porter brings together 28 brands around his Super Mart

From August 2, the site specializing in men’s fashion and the art of living is launching the Super Mart, a series of collaborations with 28 international brands, including 11 which will be entering the site for the first time.

Mr Porter launches his Super Mart around 28 brands

Among the exclusive pieces, it will be necessary to count with Undercover Madstore, the concept store of the district of Shibuya imagined by the Japanese brand, which will offer 54 exclusive pieces for sale for the first time outside the store in Tokyo.

The collection will also feature a selection of 15 t-shirts from the Burned Out archives of collector Tom Hunt, and will offer for the first time a piece from the Friends with Animals label and a shirt in collaboration with the French brand from the Pays- Basque, Good Morning Tapes.

Also entering children’s brand Midwest Kids, jewelry brands Hatton Labs, Mr Maria, Polite Worldwide and Jame Home Made, carpet brand Hype Rugs and Los Angeles-based brand General Admission, which features a set of mushroom glasses.

Mr Porter’s Super Mart

Also added to this set are collaborations with the “loyal” brands of Mr Porter, original t-shirts with Acne Studio, Aries, Come Tees, Iggy, a bandana signed Blue Blue Japan, a bracelet with Martine Ali or the K7 from Pop Trading Company.

Thrilled to be able to provide worldwide access to rare and unique collectibles, Sam Kershaw, Mr Porter’s Purchasing Director, is making the operation part of Mr Porter’s 10th anniversary.

Mr Porter will celebrate the launch of Super Mart with a global digital campaign as well as dedicated editorial and social content on its global platforms, including through its online magazine, The Journal.

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