Only tour operators and agencies can sell the “corridors”

The ministry of health clarifies the tourist corridors, stating that you can only move through tour operators and travel agencies. Let’s see what the ministry writes. When asked whether the purchase of a holiday from an organizer is binding, the ministry replies as follows:

“Being the Covid free tourist corridors of the itineraries that involve the creation of trips organized and managed by tour operators (agencies and tour operators), the selection of the supplier according to the protocols indicated in the annex must be made by the tour operator and not by the tourist. In the case of purchasing a tourist service independently, it is not possible to guarantee what the Ordinance sets out to do, i.e. the conditions of maximum safety during travel and while staying abroad, therefore the services must all be purchased through tour operators. In this regard, in order to facilitate checks by the persons in charge, the organizer (tour operator / organizing travel agency) will issue the so-called corridor travel pass to the customer who has purchased a tourist package concerning a destination included in the experimentation. tourism, document containing information relating to travel, stay at the facilities and the Covid policy “.

So nothing to do for those who prefer to vacation alone. In fact, to the question: Is it possible to stay in accommodation managed and sold by private hosts, by booking directly or through online platforms that put tourists in direct contact with the host and purchasing only air transport from the tour operator?

The ministry’s response is clear: “No, as it is not possible to guarantee maximum security conditions while staying abroad; the selection of the accommodation must be made by the tour operator, as part of an organized trip ».