Playing our emotions, an activity as funny as it is instructive

We play, we laugh, but above all we should teach our child to understand his emotions, and to put into words what he feels. It is a first step towards self-control. And applying to detect the emotions of others would also help to socialize better.

What if we made a game? Each in turn must embody the emotions written on the papers drawn at random (if you have a printer, it is here to print the labels, otherwise see below). For the little ones, in addition to giving them the name of the emotion they have to embody / play, they are given the context, which will help them to experience or understand the emotion in question.
Yes, it takes focus.

Here are some emotions / states of mind to note: Fearful, Happy, Shy, Sad, Loving, Alert, Moved, Calm, Focused, Naughty, Interested, Angry, Suffering, Serious, Hot, Tired, Curious, Amazed, Exasperated, Impatient , Proud, Chilly, Sad, Tired, Funny, Relieved, Proud, Disappointed, Injured, Hurried, Thoughtful, Mocking, Dissatisfied, Molasse, Mistrustful, In love, Emu, Thoughtful, Surprised, etc.

We do them all! An opportunity to learn those whose names we do not know, although we sometimes feel them.

If there are several of us, we can invent skits and the other players can have fun guessing the emotion being played.

Then we reverse the roles, it is dad who mimics the emotions, and the child who guesses them!

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