step back, from tomorrow the PCR or LFD tests are back, valid for only 48 hours

New change in Great Britain: from Tuesday 7 December at 4 am, all travelers, from any source, arriving at a British border, must have a PCR or LFD test carried out at source, with negative results with a maximum of 48 hours and not 72 as before. Until that day this test was not necessary and a PCR was sufficient before two days of arrival, with the obligation to maintain the isolation until the result was known.

The British travel industry has stated that it is a “Devastating blow” against the timid signs of recovery that are being registered, further aggravated by the inclusion of Nigeria in the list of countries in the red, which obliges anyone coming from that country to pay fifteen days of accommodation in a hotel, at a cost of over 2,300 euros.

British Airways and Airlines UK, a group of tourism entrepreneurs, are the first to criticize the measures.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid said the new measures are due to the evolution of the pandemic. The number of cases has registered a slight increase but is still lower than the cases that occurred this summer when the same government decided to open the borders and abolish the obligation of the PCR.

Now, in addition, there is another novelty: PCR tests with 72 hours are no longer useful but there will be only 48 hours to do them. This is particularly difficult for travelers from distant continents, who are at serious risk of not being able to enter because a delay or a missed connection can invalidate the test.

The rule was introduced to address the spread of the Omicron variant and applies to all travelers over the age of 12 visiting the UK or returning from holiday, regardless of vaccination status. Sajid Javid said the move was due to a “growing number of travel-related cases”.