The Banyan Tree group launches five new brands and aims to double its portfolio by 2025

A glimpse of the Banyan Tree Escape, Buahan, in Bali, which is scheduled to open later this year

Ambition plans for Banyan Tree. The hotel group based in Singapore and specializing in wellness and sustainable offers has in fact declared its intention to double its current portfolio of 54 facilities across 23 different countries by 2025. All supported also by the launch of five new brands in the next 18 months.

The real brands would be three, Garrya, Homm e Folio, to which are added two sub-brands Banyan Tree, called Or ed Escape. Each of the new products would be identified and created in response to emerging tourism trends at a regional and global level; Trends further accelerated by the impact of the pandemic, such as the renewed interest in facilities located in secondary destinations, the opportunities for conversions in resort destinations, as well as the growing demand for wellness and sustainability-conscious products.

Banyan Tree, che since 2016 it boasts, among other things, a long-term partnership with the Accor group, has already opened seven new hotels this year, including last month’s grand opening primo Garrya, l’Houzhou Lucun in Cina, followed by the debut ofHomm Bliss Southbeach Patong and the soft-opening of the Banyan Tree Or Phuket. The company has also signed a further twenty management contracts in destinations such as Benin, Mexico, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Thailand, China and Vietnam, including deals for four new Garryas and two Homms in Asia. In particular, the inaugurations of 19 structures are scheduled in 2022, including three Banyan Trees, one Banyan Tree Escape, three Banyan Tree Veya, six Angsana, three Dhawa, two Garrya and one Homm, distributed in seven different countries: Maldives, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Cambodia, Mozambique and Saudi Arabia. In the last three cases, it will be the group’s debut in these destinations.