The menstrual swimsuit, or how to spend a holiday without stress or complex



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Jul 6, 2021

(ETX Daily Up) – The period panty has already wowed many women around the world, but as the holidays approach its cousin, the swimsuit, is establishing itself as a staple on the beach – and at the swimming pool. And make no mistake, there is no question – as the collective imagination can imagine – of showing off in XXL panties stuck in Grandma’s wardrobe. Menstrual swimsuits are as practical as they are stylish. The proof.

It was not until the end of the 2010s to see the emergence of the first menstrual swimsuits. In other words, an eternity! And again, they had timid beginnings, even mixed, before establishing themselves as the must-haves of the summer. A surprise that is not really, if we refer to a recent survey carried out by Ifop for Intimina *, which tells us that nearly three quarters of women have already given up swimming because of their period. , and more than half even refrained from going to the beach during this time of the month. Suffice to say that menstrual swimsuits appear, more than an innovation, as a real revolution.

A much appreciated summer ally

Summer, the beach, the hot sand… A program that everyone generally looks forward to throughout the year. And it is often when the holidays are booked that the drama can intervene: “I am going to have my period during the holidays; which means at least four days without a beach”. Problem that women have all (or almost) faced at one time or another. It also gives rise to a feeling of injustice and quite understandable frustration. And those who “dare” to challenge the beach like their bikini – and they are quite right! – are often confronted with the stress that the famous fear of the task can cause, on the deckchair as in the water.

In short, it was time for brands to tackle the problem head-on. It was the period panties that first saw the light of day, allowing women and teenage girls to erase this feeling of stress throughout the year, and paving the way for swimsuits. If they have invested in the seaside sector for two good years already, it is indeed the summer of 2021 which should mark their advent.

These swimsuits are like any bikinis or one-piece, but have a very discreet waterproof core that helps contain flow and prevent stains. Brands are constantly innovating to offer new materials, functional or responsible, and to manage to contain a more abundant flow, but currently menstrual swimsuits are most often recommended at the beginning or at the end of the cycle. when the flow is lighter. Otherwise, it is still advisable to associate it with protection. Practical, they are also economical and ecological since they avoid increasing the amount of protection throughout the cycle, and are very easy to wash.

No question of cutting back on style

A practical and revolutionary swimsuit, yes, but with style. It was not for brands to offer a bikini that makes life easier for women while forcing them to strut on the beach with granny panties! Contrary to what one might think, these swimsuits resemble in every way those that we have known for decades, namely available in materials, patterns, shapes, and colors following the trends of the season. The Moodz brand has also recently caused a lot of ink to flow with its first collection of menstrual swimsuits “Heat wave”, which will undoubtedly raise the temperature a notch on all the beaches of France and Navarre. In the program ? Sparkling, iridescent, color, sober, high waist, and low cut… In short, a swimsuit as we like them, because it can be adapted to suit all tastes and all body types.

The brand is not the only one, of course. PliM also offers a sleek bikini and one-piece swimsuit, notably in duck blue, with a GOTS-certified organic cotton membrane, while the Dans Ma Culotte brand is focusing on timeless black with a one-piece swimsuit available. in a wide range of sizes to suit as many people as possible. Réjeanne has a wide range of products with various shapes, whether or not they are embellished with a neckline, gathers, and even sets of cutouts. And for a recycled model, Petites Culottées offers this type of swimsuit with many chic details, and also has a range for teenagers.

* The survey was carried out in April 2021 with 1,010 women from a representative sample of the female population aged 15 to 49 living in Metropolitan France.

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