The Mister Holiday network grows; a storytelling campaign with adv

“A storytelling operation where some of our agencies tell their stories and, through their personal experience with the network, highlight the advantages of associating”. Thus the ceo of the network participated by the Volonline Group, Laura Sandrinidescribes the new social campaign Free to be Mister Holiday: “We start from the assumption that every travel agent is unique, with its own history behind it, made up of successes and difficulties, and with a particular talent to express at work: from the travel agent who has his own tour operator brand and wants to keep it for those who are rooted in a territory and want to continue to book local packages, up to those who prefer to dedicate themselves exclusively to the sale of travel without thinking about the back office. Everyone has found their balance in Mister Holiday, where we let the advs are free to express their talents without impositions and with the form of affiliation best suited to everyone’s needs “.

A flexibility much appreciated by agencies, so much so that a dozen travel agencies from all over Italy have recently joined the network, bringing to a total of 115 affiliates between branches with the formula of partnership in participation, agencies in network formula and personal travel agents. Meanwhile, the training courses of Mister Holiday continue, which organized two half days of meetings on Monday: one on June 27 in Naples for Central and Southern Italy and one on July 11 in Milan., for Northern Italy. The goal is to update travel agents on new products Holidays and Volonline Theorem. Finally, as regards sales, the Mister Holiday agencies are mainly recording package bookings on Italyespecially the sea but also the mountains, many cruises e the sale of long-haul destinations is also resuming.