the new rules on conferences alarm the hospitality sector

Maria Carmela Colaiacovo

The new guidelines for the regions incorporated in an ordinance by Minister Speranza, which is about to be published, are creating great concern in the hotel sector.

“Hotels have always been among the preferred locations for organizing conferences and congresses, but the new guidelines risk creating uncertainties that could completely block this activity” declares Maria Carmela Colaiacovo, president of the Italian Confindustria Hotels Association.

If, on the one hand, the distancing constraint that has now regulated the congress activity is overcome, on the other hand it entrusts the identification from time to time to an unspecified “confrontation” between the organizer and the local health authorities. of the maximum number of participants. This is an aspect which, in the absence of objective parameters of reference, opens the way to a sort of Far West of the sector.

A path of uncertainties (and bureaucracy) that will condition all congress and conference activities, moreover precisely with regard to an aspect that in itself does not present particular complexity. In fact, all the spaces are authorized by law, in light of the structural characteristics, to a maximum capacity correlated to the uses.

If it is not believed that this can be brought to 100% – but we ask ourselves why, given that indoor shows and live theater have already been operating at full capacity for several weeks – it is still necessary that clear and objective common evaluation criteria be identified on the whole territory, which allow ex ante to evaluate the capacity in the covid phase.

It is difficult to think that for each convention or congress the ASL of competence can and has the time to carry out a single evaluation and provide a specific indication, moreover in a tight time frame as required by the organization of these activities. Not to mention the assignment of congresses at an international level, where obviously we cannot afford uncertainties in the determination of spaces and relative capacities. Lastly, the topic of contractual events already for the next few weeks where it seems even more complex to think of managing a change in progress compared to what has already been organized.

We believe that clarification on this point is indispensable and urgent in order to avoid that all the activities of conferences and congresses risk being blocked in the next few hours ”concludes the president Colaiacovo.