The Nicolaus promo “Crazy Days of Summer” is back crazier than ever

The strongest discounts ever, the desire to reward agencies, the numerous incentive benefits and guarantees to protect the customer. These are the main features of the third edition of the promo Nicolaus “Crazy Days of Summer”: activate on reservations made by December 31st, will be applied to tall departures between 1st May and 31st December 2022, for a selection of Valtur and Nicolaus Club products.

“The summer has rewarded us, despite the uncertainties and an uphill start to say the least in relation to the legislative gaps – explains the commercial director of the Nicolaus Group, Isabella Candelori -. The market, therefore, is ready to respond and we want to support this response with enthusiasm, incisiveness and closeness to the adv, giving them really strong tools, designed to concretely support the desire to return peacefully on vacation and to travel. And for this reason our third edition of the Crazy Days of Summer is really the cheapest ever ”.

Advantages for adv

One of the most important elements is that which concerns the distribution front, underlines the note of the company: among the pluses to be highlighted there is, in fact, the recognition of full commission per cluster, which will not be reduced in relation to the fact that the sales are for a promotion. Another advantage for agencies is also the 10% commission on the purchase of optional policies Travel Safe Plus, Travel Safe Extra and Covid by Europ Assistance, which among the additional protection formulas also includes the guarantee of total reimbursement of costs incurred, without deductibles, up to 30 days from departure.

Discounts and voucher promotion

In the name of concreteness and really substantial discounts, with the best conditions of the year to buy a vacation for next summer. Vouchers are also overvalued (almost entirely used, in the case of the group) in the possession of customers, which will be recognized at 110% of their actual value and which may be transferred to third parties or to the agency itself. Great consideration also for the target families, with the free stay for a child and a mini fee of 100 euros for packages with flight. For packages with passage by ship the free ticket is total.

Flexibility and guarantees

Furthermore, the flexibility offered by the formula “Free to reconsider”, Which allows you to cancel your departure up to 30 working days from departure without cancellation penalties. Those who decide to take advantage of the “Crazy Days” will also have the guarantee of the blocked price, without increases, as well as the possibility of changing the names of the reservation and the departure date.

“In addition to convenience, we wanted to give continuity to last year’s choices not thinking only of the measurable advantages for those who have to book, but also of those reserved for agencies, to which we owe recognition for the great work done last summer – concludes Isabella Candelori -. We have therefore decided, as we did in 2020, to keep the commission full and to give a commission also on supplementary policies, which are an extra peace of mind for the customer. And precisely to capitalize on such a composite set of advantages compared to 2020, we wanted to extend the time window in which the promotion is valid, extending its duration until 31 December. We hope that there will be no more stops and that, therefore, travel will also become a gift idea for the Christmas holidays “.