the response to the new formats is good, but reservations are still on the roller coaster

The notoriety of the brands has been a great driving force: in the past few weeks we have welcomed almost a thousand agents on board, who have been able to touch the proposal firsthand; for many, the experience even went beyond expectations “. Costa Cruises Italy Sales Director, Riccardo Fantoni, draws an initial assessment of the impact of the new excursion format created in collaboration with National Geographic – Kel 12. “It is certainly a niche proposal – continues Fantoni himself -. Even just for the fact that the tours are organized for small numbers, maximum 20 participants. At the same time, however, it is a product open to all the most curious travelers and a further element of personalization of the holiday “.

The other big news of the year is represented by the new format f & b Archipelago, by the chefs Hélène Darroze e Angel Leon, which add to the signature of the super-proven Bruno Barbieri (Costa’s partner for six years). “Together they make a total of 16 Michelin stars – Fantoni resumes -. But Archipelago is also synonymous with sustainability. A commitment that materializes both in the interior design, made with wooden material recovered from the sea, and in the commitment to donate part of the revenues to initiatives to protect the environment and the seas. All elements that help a lot in the sales process».

Which is not bad at all, given that the reservations continue in their roller coaster trend, conditioned by the news relating to the pandemic: “The effects of the numbers of infections are still being felt, especially in the short term”. Here, then, is that the recent resurgence of the virus in Europe is affecting sales for the next winter season: “If we exclude Christmas and New Year (the itineraries in the Emirates and the Mediterranean are sold out, there is still something left in the Caribbean), otherwise reservations are languishing . On the other hand, the discussion on the medium term is different: from spring onwards the numbers are in fact growing, although of course still commensurate at the moment“.