the social initiative of Nicolino’s sustainable Advent calendar was a success

Over 10 thousand views and a thousand subscriptions in the first few hours of launch on social platforms. The group’s online initiative is already a success Nicolaus, which features the mascot of the villages in the Nicolino’s sustainable Advent calendar made with the contribution of the Apulian designer and artist Giuseppe Laselva and the agency Push Studio.

The keystone of the strategy are the contents, which are entrusted with the task of educating and entertaining. Guides, quizzes, infographics, games, branded videos (such as the story of Nicolino saving sea creatures) have been structured to be engaging and adhering to the planning type. Along the way, which will end on December 24th (although a surprise has already been announced on the 25th), Nicolino, champion of sustainability since his birth, will tell about experiments and curiosities for small daily sustainability actions, hidden behind the small windows that can be opened every day with a click.

“The theme of the environment is a fundamental part of our development strategy and we wanted to put it at the center of a deeply felt theme such as Christmas – explains the marketing manager of the group, Sara Prontera -. All this by developing a project that allows us to achieve different objectives at the same time: to reaffirm in our community the value that sustainability has for us; pass it on to potential new customers; gratify the core target, the family with small children, through a highly engaging mechanism, with both playful and educational activities. To achieve these objectives we have deployed important resources, focusing on the quality of the original textual and visual content, with refined illustrations and an elegant animated dress, created ad hoc, perfectly in tune with the Christmas mood. The launch took place with a totally organic first experimental step and the response was truly surprising “.