to those who arrive and to those who perhaps not in time of layoffs

Many tourism workers have been or are still on layoffs. So on the threshold of Christmas the question is: these workers have the right to the thirteenth and how do you mature.

The simple answer is: yes, they are entitled but with some caveats. Let’s see the specifications.

For the periods in which a wage supplement treatment occurs, the right to accrue the thirteenth month’s salary varies according to the hypothesis, hourly reduction or redundancy fund (Cig) to “zero hours”, ie with total suspension of working activity.

The first thing to know is that the salary supplement paid by INPS is always inclusive of the thirteenth (and any fourteenth) accruals: in the months in which the work has been completely suspended (“zero hour layoffs”), Therefore, the part of the thirteenth payable by the employer does not accrue as it has already been theoretically paid by INPS.

This means that the thirteenth payable by the employer – paid to workers in “zero-hour layoffs” close to the Christmas holidays – is calculated by deducting the periods of inactivity and consequent recourse to layoffs from the total amount. In this case the thirteenth will be very small or nil.

During the short-time Cig periods, two additional monthly installments accrue: the first corresponds to the hours actually worked and those of protected absence (illness, accident, etc.); the second, referring to the hours not worked as a result of the reduction in hours, benefits from the partial wage supplement. In this other case, the thirteenth will be reduced in proportion to the time.