tourism could exceed pre-crisis levels as early as 2022

The US tourism industry could experience annual growth of 35.6% in 2021, significantly exceeding the average recovery figure on a global level. To certify it is a recent survey signed by Wttc, World Travel & Tourism Council, che evidenzia even brighter prospects for 2022, which would see the travel sector in the US grow by another 28.4%, with a direct contribution to the US economy that would exceed pre-pandemic levels.

In 2019, the travel & tourism sector’s contribution to US GDP accounted for nearly $ 1.9 trillion (8.6% of the US economy); in 2020, when the pandemic brought international travel to a near-total halt, the industry contribution fell 41% to just $ 1.1 trillion (5.3%).

Wttc research, carried out in collaboration with Oxford Economics, also shows that the US economy has benefited from an increase in domestic travel, with spending set to increase by 40.4% ($ 261 billion) in 2021 and with a further increase on an annual basis of 22.9% expected in 2022.

While international spending by travelers to the United States due to travel restrictions is set to grow only 1.9% this year, recent changes to international travel regulations will provide a significant year-over-year boost. by nearly 228% in 2022, which represents an increase of $ 98 billion and a total contribution of $ 141 billion.

“Our research shows that while the global travel and tourism industry is slowly starting to recover and that the United States is catching up faster than many other areas,” he said. Julia Simpson, president and CEO of Wttc -. Last year, the pandemic decimated more than five million jobs in the US tourism industry; however, thanks to an expected increase in international and domestic spending this year and next, both jobs and GDP are on the rise ”.

“The United States opening its borders and easing restrictions on major source markets such as the UK and the EU, which will produce a huge boost to economies on both sides of the Atlantic. However, the long-term recovery of the industry in the US and around the world depends on the US border remaining open to international visitors and making travel easier. “