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Lately, we have come to realize more than ever how good it is to travel. Essential even, to use a fashionable term. Discovering the riches that this world has to offer us is a real privilege and if it is a perfect country for that, I highly recommend Turkey.

Visiting Turkey is the assurance of taking full eyes and hearts, as its beauty is matched only by its warm population. If it is located at the gates of Asia, this destination is very easily served by the company Turkish Airlines which offers direct flights from many French airports. In addition, it was voted one of the best airlines in the world in 2020, so why deny it?

Immediate boarding, I take you on a trip to Turkey, to discover my essentials of a country that no longer has its wonders.

Istanbul – Pearl of the Bosphorus

It is obviously unthinkable to talk about Turkey without making a detour through Istanbul. So effervescent and rich in culture and architecture, this city can constitute a trip on its own as there is so much to discover. Starting with Hagia Sophia, this spectacular monument that was once a church, then a museum and finally, since 2020, a mosque. As we talk about it, the Blue Mosque is also a must see in Istanbul with its breathtaking architecture. Still thirsty for culture? Direction Topkapi Palace or the Galata Tower, at the top of which I advise you to climb to admire an exceptional point of view.

How about some fresh air after these visits to the heart of Istanbul? Indeed, ideally located between the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Marmara, it is easy to set sail and it is naturally a cruise on the superb Bosphorus that I recommend to you, for a unique point of view on the city and its wonders. . The seagulls come to sublimate an already perfect setting, where at sunset, the ancient Byzantine domes come to carve a sky in dreamy tones.

Cappadocia – Magnificent lung

Who has never dreamed of witnessing this fabulous spectacle of dozens of hot air balloons which rise as if in a perfect choreography, at sunrise with an exceptional landscape as a backdrop? It’s set in Cappadocia and believe me it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is in the heart of Turkey that we find Cappadocia, a unique mineral landscape dotted with the famous “fairy chimneys” which are the result of rich volcanic activity.

If Cappadocia is made famous by its daily ballet ballet, the region is full of activities to do, such as Göreme National Park, Rose Valley, Pigeon Valley or its wine route.

Ephesus – The Greek city

Turkey’s geographical location makes it one of the areas with the richest history of mankind. It is a leap of 3000 years back that I suggest you make by going to visit Ephesus, the most famous ancient and archaeological site of Turkey, or of Asia Minor to stay in the theme. This ancient Greek city, located in the region of Izmir, was founded around 1000 BC and one can easily imagine the world then there, thanks to the terraced houses, frescoes and mosaics that inhabit the city.

On this part of history in the open air, we can also admire the remains of Artemision, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, a large temple dedicated to Artemis. Just that.

Pamukkale – Natural wonders

It is one of the most famous geological curiosities in the world. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Pamukkale site offers a unique and breathtaking landscape to each of its visitors. It is there that you can admire these famous hot springs, real natural terraced pools contrasting with the immaculate white of the travertine concretions. By the way, Pamukkale literally means “cotton castle” in Turkish. Easy to see why.

From this site which offers an already unique spectacle, you can admire below the ancient spa town of Hierapolis, founded in the 2nd century BC It is very pleasant to stroll through the absolutely magnificent remains of this ancient city, with its ruins in particular among its ruins. , its impressive amphitheater. Out of time.

As you will have understood, it is difficult to sum up all the beauty of such a great country, so rich is its history, its landscapes and its souls. With these few lines on my essentials, I hope I have given you the desire to discover Turkey and all it has to offer.

In any case, having written this article awakened in me this desire to travel to Turkey, at the gates of Asia, to discover more about this country so warm and welcoming.

Infos Covid-19

To travel to Turkey, you will need to provide a negative PCR test that is less than 3 days old and wear a mask throughout the trip.

At the airport, all the steps that can be done without contact are, such as check-in and passport control. Hydroalcoholic gels are available everywhere and the luggage is disinfected by a UV system.

During the flight, Turkish Airlines wants to provide a healthy environment by taking many precautions that reassure us as passengers, including the presence of hygiene experts in addition to the flight crew. Find here more information on the TK Extra Care protocol with Dr Oz

In addition to disinfecting all devices after each flight, planes are equipped with HEPA filters which renew quality air every 3 minutes. Hygiene kits are provided to us at the start of the flight containing masks, hydroalcoholic gels and antiseptic towels. Discover here all the health measures of the airline

If we respect the barrier gestures, there is no risk in traveling on this company and everything went very well for me.