Tuscany, the protection of the health of tourists passes through collaboration between operators and the health system

Tuscany aims to increase the health protection of tourists. you can. A resolution has been passed, come on proposal of the councilor for health Simone Bezzini, which updates the previous procedures regarding health care hotels and Covid hotels, with some news also for those who are traveling and for those who organize them. The goal is to obtain the best possible level of homogeneity, effectiveness and efficiency of the interventions, involving both health professionals and those in the tourism sector.

“Guaranteeing the health of Tuscans and tourists, thanks to the collaboration between operators in the sector and the health system, whose commitment continues unabated along the entire chain of combating Covid – comments the commissioner Bezzini – We have updated the protocols for the offer of healthcare hotels and Covid hotels to ensure maximum safety for both residents and those on vacation. Tracking is 100% and sequencing of all positive swabs is in place to monitor and stem the variants. With this resolution we take a step forward in favor of the health protection of tourists, in which the operators of the sector can offer advanced solutions relying on the efficiency and proactivity of the Tuscan health system ».

First of all, on the basis of regulatory developments and a series of simplifications, Tuscany has updated the regulation of mandatory and optional requirements and services health hotels where Covid-19 positive subjects are housed in isolation and Covid hotels for their contacts. An important novelty is the faculty for private individuals, such as tour operators and cruise ship companies, to be able to independently activate agreements with hotels for the function of health hotel and Covid hotel, if they meet the required requirements. The checks will always be carried out by the competent health authority for the area, as well as the health surveillance on the subjects hosted in these structures, which is carried out free of charge.

The guidelines for the management of suspected and confirmed cases of covid-19 and close contacts in the tourist population have also been updated. The regional legislation has been adapted to the current rules for the definition and tracing of cases and contacts, even if it has been chosen to maintain a ‘strengthened’ mode, with tracing up to 10 days in the presence of variations. The entire path for taking charge of suspected and confirmed cases belonging to the tourist population was outlined, starting with the involvement of the medical guard, the tourist guard – where present – and the USCA.

Procedures are also provided for persons in transit on cruise ships, on other vessels coming from abroad and also on planes coming from abroad. Among the novelties, we point out the possibility for positive subjects and for contacts who disembark from a cruise ship and who are resident in Tuscany, if asymptomatic, to return to their residence / domicile with their own means of transport, while it is excluded. the use of public transport.