Venice city with limited number. App and turnstiles to visit the city

Venice will introduce ticket limits from the summer of 2022, as confirmed by the municipality and reported by the Italian press.

As you will recall, various systems for controlling and limiting entrances had been approved for some time in Venice. But with Covid everything froze because there was no one to forbid entry. But now the municipality has established that from 2022 there will be maximum daily amounts and a system of limitations will be implemented.

The new operating mode will consist in the installation of electronic gates at the access points to the city, so it will not be possible to transit without having previously booked the visit, which also requires payment.

They will be exempted from paying residents, commuters, students and other categories, including those who pay the tourist tax in the accommodation facilities in the area, for the entire stay in a hotel or B&B. The limited number, therefore, would be valid for tourists who stay only one day, the so-called “hit and run”, while those who stay overnight would not be subject to such restrictions.

The turnstiles will be equipped with optical sensor, so to access it will be enough to bring your smartphone or any smartcard close. The electronic gates will open and close like gates, thanks to the connection with the “Smart control room”, an integrated and innovative system for the control and management of water mobility and road safety capable of monitoring visitors’ arrivals, destinations and origin. More than 500 cameras high definition will be aimed at the streets and fields, palaces and canals of the historic city.

The experimentation should start in September, with the first turnstiles positioned at the Tronchetto that will be tested by the employees of the Municipality and of the subsidiaries.