well the summer but now we start again with the Red Sea and it’s a whole different recovery

Massimo Broccoli, commercial director of Veratour

A summer of Italian spirit for the Veratour brand, which closed positively with 100% saturation compared to hotel capacity. “We are satisfied with the results, but it must also be said that we have been facilitated, since we had already worked to implement our range in Italy since last year and it was quite easy to predict that 2021 would not differ much. Furthermore, being specialists of Made in Italy villages and working on a single nationality, we have customers who are already familiar with our modus operandi from the start “, he explains Massimo Broccoli, commercial director of the Capitoline operator.

“To be precise – adds the manager – we are talking about a summer market which was characterized for 75% by Italy and the remaining 25% by Spain and Greece. Two countries that had started very well. However, the countless changes and implementations of rules have removed the demand first from Spain and secondly also from Greece. On the other hand, we are very satisfied with the Canaries. Which also gives us hope for the future ”.

Veratour is therefore also optimistic about October and November, months in which reservations in the villages of Fuerteventura and Tenerife are not only not long in coming but also constitute a very positive response in terms of return. The question comes in a constant and intense way, enough to justify an imminent one increase in the frequencies of flights operated by Neos, historical partner of the Roman company.

But the tour operator has even more important aspirations, also in light of the recent announcement of the new tourist corridors: “Opening with something long or medium range, which for us would mean the Red Sea, would allow us a decidedly more sustained recovery – in fact concludes Broccoli -. We are therefore already working on a much more extensive definition of programming than we have done up to now ”.