Yookie, the experiential tourism startup continues to grow

Let’s talk a little about Yookie, the smart experiential travel startup that, through its “local experts” located throughout the country, is able to process the traveler’s requests by formulating three tailor-made proposals. Each proposal includes an extra-hotel structure in which to stay, transport services and experiences to try. The tourist just has to select the most attractive offer and book. Just in August, Yookye concluded its equity crowdfunding campaign which raised 380 thousand euros on the Hensoo platform.

While the collection campaign was ending, Yookye continued to work not only as a tour operator (remember that this is a technological startup, but also a real accredited ota or an online travel agency). The startup has in fact won the first prize of the Train Digital Tourism Experience contest for an acceleration path promoted by the FS Italiane Group in collaboration with the Federico II University of Naples, it has started working with the Marche Region to promote the territory thanks to its experiential travel packages and much more.

“It was a really busy summer.” – declared Paolo Taricco, CEO and co-founder of the Alba startup. We have had many requests on our portal. Most of them had Southern Italy as their destination. Sicily, in particular, was the most popular region, immediately followed by Puglia and Sardinia ».

Regarding the success of the crowdfunding campaign, Taricco commented: “We are really proud of this result. Now we will be able to focus on the development of our artificial intelligence system that will make the elaboration of travel offers sewn as tailored suits for each traveler very fast. Our AI is learning from the choices of local experts to provide answers and proposals in minutes. Thanks to these funds we then have the opportunity to enhance one of our most distinctive technological assets, namely the Ethereum blockchain that we use to certify the goodness of reviews on locations, guides, tours, experiences, services “. With this technology, every comment left by users is “armored” so that it cannot be manipulated in any way, thus avoiding the scourge of false reviews on the web.

Yookye is one of those startups capable of bringing innovation within a sector that really needs it so much like that of tourism and this appeals not only to travelers, but also to investors who have decided to join the collection. Among these, there are also important names on the Italian business scene such as Giuseppe Miroglio, president of the Miroglio Industrial Group, who declared: “I decided to invest in Yookye as I believe that the project, and the team that manages it, has excellent growth potential. I believe that the ‘experiential’ element is destined to take hold more and more, especially for a tourism that is closer and shorter range, which wants to explore and discover lesser-known territories, experiencing authentic and unique moments. Yookye faces this market with an effective approach, which combines the technological component of machine learning with the human one of local experts. “