Zara Atelier: the new luxury line from Zara

New in the world of fast fashions: while for many years luxury brands sought to become more accessible with regard to calendars and launching collections in a shorter period of time… a fast fashion arrived and? If it became more couture, meet Zara Atelier.

The Spanish company announced this week the launch of a new brand (Inditex conglomerate owns numerous other brands such as Bershka, Stradivarius, Massimo Dutti), to Zara Atelier. And the name already indicates, a more authorial footprint, clothes with better tailoring, finishing, prints, design, but a price that is still affordable, well, not much.

According to Zara, this line will be limited edition and with a “high artistic interpretation of a basic and essential wardrobe”. The idea is basically to pay homage to haute couture through the streetstyle giant’s point of view.

Zara Atelier’s first collection was launched this past Friday and basically consists of 6 elegant, sophisticated coats and, yes, with a super couture feel. The pieces are all made with premium fabrics and opulent details, including satin edging, marabou feather embellishments, intricate embroidery and elegantly sparkling sequins. The coats are very “cocktail coat” style, perfect for winter in the northern hemisphere, when it’s cold, but there’s a party.

And honorable mention for the photos, taken by renowned photographer Paoloo Roversi, ALIÁS, the brand has been surprising in the aesthetics of communication. If before the advertising photos and, mainly, e-commerce photos were very generic and basic, now they invest in poses, direction, photography and a beautiful casting of super models. You walk around the site and bump into tops like Anja Rubik, Paloma Elsesser.

The brand promises a new collection every six months, that is, a very slow fashion footprint coming from fast fashion. Prices range from U$399-599. There is no forecast for this line to land in Brazil, even because who is going to buy a furry coat in midsummer 40 degrees.