Marco Calabrese The weight of madness, a scream against violence against women

Comes out on all digital platforms and on radio tomorrow, November 26, The weight of madness, the new single from Marco Calabrese which addresses the issue of violence against women.

The singer-songwriter of Calabrian origins approaches music at the age of 10 and from there he begins to compose his first songs. This passion accompanies him in every phase of his life until, in a particularly heavy moment in which those emotions that came out became boulders to bear, he gives up everything and hides them “jealously” in a safe.

It will be the passion for music that Marco he sees in his daughter’s eyes, and it is she who brings him back to music. This is how the single comes out in May 2020 One step behind you, dedicated to his little girl, which is followed in July You are my baby and, in October 2020, I would like to write about you (the latter proposed again this year by Nicol ad Friends of Maria De Filippi)

With these three songs Marco Calabrese exceeds 1 million streaming on Spotify. Now it’s time for new music.

Marco Calabrese the weight of madness

As we said at the opening in the new single, the singer-songwriter faces one of the biggest scourges of today’s society: violence against women. The weight of madness it is a Ballad with strong words, heavy as boulders that shake the conscience of each of us.

The songwriter writes of But who thinks back to the brief moments of serenity spent with her friend SaraSara she is one of the many, many women stuck in a violent relationship with her partner, a relationship that, wearing her down day after day, gesture after gesture, word after word, leads her, desperate, to the idea of ​​implementing that crazy gesture she has dreamed of several times and lived as the only escape from his prison.

But he confesses his strong and pressing sense of guilt for not being able to help her and take her away from that sad destiny. that’s how Marco Calabrese tells the genesis of this song …

November 25th is the World Day against Violence against Women. I decided to publish The Weight of Madness the day after this anniversary to underline the importance of continuing to talk about this problem every day, not limiting ourselves to symbolic gestures and proclamations that begin and end on November 25th.

We must make everyone aware of the issue on a daily basis but above all we must find the strength to act, to act immediately to help those who are victims of violence and not, as happens to Ale, live with remorse and regrets later.

To underline the message launched in The Weight of Madness, I decided to involve the talented woman in the making of the Official Video Susy Sand Artist who through his sand paintings has been able to give weight to the words I wrote.

Here to follow the official video of the song in exclusive preview for All Music Italia.