Markers that identify – Portugal Textile

[©The Markies]

Made in brass, light, washable and stainless, The Markies markers put an end to the problem of distinguishing garments in a domestic context.

“The traditional ways to customize and differentiate clothes and accessories were impractical. How to iron a label on socks or write the name on an accessory that ended up smearing or disappearing with washing? There was nothing easy to apply, efficient and at the same time with style», tells Portugal Têxtil, Inês Correia dos Santos, partner of the brand.

Sold on the brand’s website, the innovative solution is available through a set of applicators and metallic markers with different symbols and colors.

[©The Markies]

The launch collection, dubbed The Originals, is made up of essentially hobbies/sports icons while the latest The Initials collection allows for customizing bookmarks. “A fashion trend even in luxury brands. The idea is to distinguish clothes that are more and more identical with our brand», he explains.

Although The Markies was launched in a pandemic context, and with many restrictions on promotional activities, the promotion of the brand has, according to Inês Correia, run positively not only in Portugal, but also in some European countries. , and sales have grown within and across borders.

«France is the strongest country, after Portugal, but we are counting on strengthening the promotion at a global level, with a view to attracting other markets», he reveals.

The brand’s most recent novelties are the versions of The Initials collection, Cool – which appears in several colors for school-age children and teenagers – and Prime – more sober, for young people and fashion lovers who like an irreverent detail in the look .