Mbappé’s doubts hidden by Paris, Real Madrid has prepared its war chest!

Zapping Our Mondial Observer’s crazy dream eleven!

Clearly, the cross interview granted by Kylian Mbappé to the PSG media, along with Neymar, does not stop talking. Earlier in the morning, we relayed to you the anger of the Kylian Mbappé clan, who believes that the timing of the publication of this interview, which was to be online a month earlier, is intended to put pressure on the Parisian striker whose the future at PSG remains unclear.

But another secret would be hiding in this video. In the program El Chiringuito, the journalist of the Sexta José Luis Sanchez indeed ensures that the beginning of the answer of Kylian Mbappé to the question of Neymar on his biggest dream would have been deleted. With the objective of masking a hesitation which would have been interpreted as doubts displayed in the eyes of all in his reflection on his future.

200 million would already be ready for Mbappé!

If PSG hoped to consolidate its relationship with its striker, and in particular in the eyes of the general public, with this cross interview with Neymar, it therefore seems that the result is totally the opposite. And it will not take much to awaken the appetite of Real Madrid who is only waiting for an opening in the file. According to Marca, an envelope of 200 million euros would already be ready to be drawn if an opportunity opens up by the end of August …

to summarize

While Kylian Mbappé’s cross interview with Neymar aroused the anger of his clan, PSG would have skillfully played with the editing of the video. History to hide some doubts of Mbappé when Real Madrid have already raised the necessary money, in case …