Mela La Melaza Sneaked Into Francisca’s House: What Happened?


Mela La Melaza sneaked into the luxurious residence of the Dominican presenter Francisca.

Mela La Melaza, one of the most beloved characters on Spanish-language television, managed to sneak into the house of the famous Dominican presenter Francisca Mendez, known artistically as Francisca Lachapel.

In a recent publication On the Instagram platform, Francisca assured that Mela La Melaza had sneaked into her residence with the intention of becoming the nanny of her first-born Gennaro Zampogna.

“@Melamelazaoficial forcefully wants me to take care of @gennarozampogna. Although I must admit that @gennarozampogna’s reaction to meeting Mela surprised me. Could it be that we hired her as a babysitter? What do you say? “, Wrote the Dominican star in his publication in the red social.

In the images of the video, the funny Mela La Melaza appears carrying the tender and innocent Gennaro while telling him each of the activities that they will carry out when she is his babysitter.

“This is the next Daddy Yankee,” said Mela in a video fragment to allude to the artistic potential of Gennaro, the first-born of Francisca and Francesco Zampogna.

The funny video It had more than 500 thousand reproductions and around 8 thousand comments by fans and colleagues of Francisca, who were delighted with Gennaro’s reaction to the personality of Mela La Melaza.

“The best video of the week”, “What a beauty. They know, smell, and find Mom even in disguise, on her back, and even hidden. The most that connection “,” Oh no. I’m dying. What fun you two are. There is no doubt that love cannot be hidden ”,“ He knows that she is his mommy. I die of love ”, were some of the reactions on the Instagram social network.

Who is Mela La Molaza?

Mela La Melaza makes your favorite celebrities suffer and laughMela La Melaza is a Dominican who does not miss the opportunity to show off with celebrities, and sometimes steal a kiss from them. These are the funniest moments of Francisca Lachapel’s comic character in Despierta América. #DespiertaAmerica SUBSCRIBE VISIT THE OFFICIAL SITE FOLLOW US IG: FB: TW: In Despierta…2021-03-26T16:46:32Z

Mela La Melaza is a character that was created and exhibited by Francisca Lachapel during her audition for the ninth season of Nuestra Belleza Latina.

Incarnated by Lachapel, Mela is a witty woman of humble origins who has no fear of showing herself as she is.

Currently, Mela makes guest appearances on special editions of the Univision show “Despierta América”. From Hollywood stars to great personalities of the Spanish-speaking entertainment industry have been delighted by the funny experiences they have had with this character.

One of Mela La Melaza’s most recent public appearances was at the third gala of the twelfth season of Nuestra Belleza Latina. During the broadcast of the reality show, the famous character was accompanying each of the finalists during their acting challenges that also had the participation of the actors Marlene Favela and Pedro Moreno.

Francisca thanked Mela La Melaza for helping her to be crowned as Nuestra Belleza Latina 2015

He asked for forgiveness! Francisca confessed that Mela does exist and she only imitated herAfter being questioned by Los Lengüilargos, Francisca Lachapel confessed that Mela does exist and wants to apologize for imitating her in NBL! Wake up America with the latest news and the best of entertainment: gossip, games, contests, helpful tips, and special guests. Presented by: Karla Martinez, Satcha Pretto, Alan Tacher, Johnny Lozada, Ana Patricia, WilliamVáldez and…2015-04-15T18:04:43Z

In a special appearance on the Univision show “Los lengüilargos” in 2015, Francisca thanked the witty Mela La Melaza for being part of her undisputed triumph in the ninth season of Nuestra Belleza Latina.

“I’m going to say something very serious actually… Mela exists, Mela is real. Mela is a lady that I imitated in the contest and she earned me the crown. I won the crown thanks to her and the credit goes to her. Mela, please… If you are listening to this message, wherever you are, contact Despierta América, they want to receive you as you deserve it ”, Francisca said jokingly by stating that Mela helped her to be crowned the first Dominican queen in the history of NBL.