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Mila Kunis Updates: Ashton Kutcher was scheduled to take Richard Branson’s next space flight. When we were kids we were told that going into space takes a lot of time in school and really hard preparation.

Richard Branson had the chance last week to test his own Virgin Galactic starship in interesting ways, even though it didn’t actually go into space (it was just high in the sky and close enough to space to show off). discovered that another wealthy person would go “into space” with Branson: Ashton Kutcher.

In a meeting with the Cheddar News, Ashton Kutcher announced that he would have been important for the next space flight, but Mila Kunis was too concerned to even think about releasing him.

“When I got married and had kids, my partner essentially supported the fact that going into space with young children was anything but a smart family decision, so I sold my ticket back to Virgin Galactic,” he said. says Cheddar. He adds, “I should be on the next flight, but I won’t be on the next flight.” However, Kutcher says that “eventually” it will actually make room.

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As announced by CNN, Virgin Galactic spent nearly twenty years wrecking a spaceship that would make it conceivable to go to the edge of space. Just 6 people took their first test trip last week: Branson, Virgin Galactic leader Sirisha Bandla, astronaut instructor Virgin Galactic Chief and Interior Program Manager Beth Moses, Virgin Galactic lead operations engineer Colin Bennett, and pilots Dave Mackay and Michael Masucci.

However, Virgin Galactic has plans for these somewhat standard space excursions and a few rich folks. figured out how to save anywhere from $ 200,000 to $ 250,000 on tickets for a chance to fly off earth. And considering that may sound expensive, CNN says the organization will soon be selling more tickets at a much higher price.

Since this is the new diversion between very rich and exhausted people, Jeff Bezos is also supposed to fly into space on Tuesday with a spaceship of his organization Blue Origin. Bezos’ aviation organization downloaded a $ 28 million pass to join the trip. Undeniably more than it costs to go to Virgin Galactic.

These rich people, who have ample freedom not to pay reviews by leaving Earth whenever they want, are really screwed up, yet we trust them to take part in your space travel. that we no longer have to deal with the fact that they are destroying our planet.