Pôle emploi advisers are coming to TikTok

“Do you send resumes all day and your mailbox is still empty?” I’ll give you three tips [conseils] to optimize your CV! “ In this video on TikTok, Bouchra, a young, casually dressed woman, offers her tips to help members of her community refine their candidacy.

Ultra-short format, fast-paced music, punchy graphics… All the codes of millennials are included in this video, which garnered more than 8,700 “likes” on the new trendy platform among 13-25 year olds. A style capable of retaining the reputedly volatile attention of this public, far from the usual conformism of Pôle Emploi agents.

However, Bouchra is indeed an advisor to the public operator, just like Alexis or Camille, young agents who feed the hashtag #missionemploi launched on June 4 by the operator on the platform with videos. of the Week for Jobs.

“Innovative and useful”

Under this hashtag, no classified ads, but official videos distributed by Pôle emploi and its partners, as well as advice from the community of TikTok users to help young people in their job search or training.

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Between two makeup tutorials and other entertainment-oriented content, TikTok users will now have the opportunity to watch videos on the sectors that recruit the most, hiring aids for those under 26 or even the promotion of alternation.

This unexpected marriage between the public operator and the social network which brings together more than 100 million active users each month in Europe alone, is based on well-understood interests. ” This partnership with TikTok, which has been the benchmark creative platform for young people for some time, is both innovative and useful as many young people are entering the workforce today. “, Argues Misoo Yoon, deputy general manager in charge of the service offer at Pôle emploi, in a press release relating to the launch of this campaign.

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It is also a way for the public operator to modernize its image. On the application, the Pôle Emploi logo is rather discreet. His official account was created under the name @onestlapourvous. And for good reason: parody accounts called “Pôle Emploi” already abound on TikTok … In any case, this operation of seduction orchestrated by the operator is working: the hashtag #missionemploi has already caused nearly 19 million views.

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