Podcast. Migrant women, between prostitution and poverty

Along the border with Venezuela, for more than 2,200 kilometers, it is not uncommon to come across lines of migrants. On foot, they cross the border and travel dozens of kilometers to try their luck in Bogota, Medellin, Popayan, or continue their journey to Ecuador or Peru. Since 2015, 5.5 million Venezuelans have taken the road to exile, to flee the economic, social and political crisis that is raging in their country. Among these migrants, there are women. A lot of women. At the end of 2019, they represented 55% of the migrant population, and 30% of them were under 18.

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For her third podcast in the series “Women in struggle, a global fight” narrated by Julie Gayet, The world immersed himself in the daily life of these women. Between xenophobia, professional downgrading, sexual exploitation… they are paying a high price for this unprecedented migratory crisis. A price that Nassim Majidi knows well. She is the co-founder and director of Samuel Hall, a social enterprise dedicated to research on migration in Asia, Africa and Europe. From Nairobi, Kenya, where she is currently based, she reacts to the report and deciphers in this podcast the issues and problems posed by the migration of women.

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An episode directed by François-Charles Domergue, co-written by Elodie Ratsimbazafy and Joséfa Lopez, produced by Joséfa Lopez for The world and Thomas Baumgartner for Wave.audio. Narration: Julie Gayet. Sound identity: François-Charles Domergue. Report: Marie Delcas. Graphic identity: Mélina Zerbib, Solène Reveney, video team of the World. Editorial preparation: Emmanuel Davidenkoff, Joséfa Lopez, Charlotte Bozonnet. Partnerships: Sonia Jouneau, Marianne Wachowiak, Valérie de L’Hortet, Hélène Guinaudeau. Partner: French Development Agency.

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“Women in struggle, a world struggle” is a podcast in five episodes on feminisms, produced by the teams of the World and you World Africa, in partnership with the French Development Agency. To listen on lemonde.fr and on streaming platforms.

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