For the students in greatest difficulty, precariousness does not disappear during the summer

At the risk of destroying the atmosphere, no, the reopening of the terraces did not eliminate all the problems caused by the health crisis; neither is the end of the curfew, nor the beginning of summer. For precarious students, the arrival of vacation does not mean a lull.

In the 13e arrondissement of Paris, evening of defeat of the French football team at the Euro (we had warned for the atmosphere), they were nearly four hundred to hurry in the associative bar ESS’pace. While others were preparing for the match, they came to collect food and other hygiene kits.

Reportage : Food aid at the time of confinement: “Students come to give us a hand, but also to get supplies”

Cantal PDO, organic fennel and pomelo, grated carrots, faisselle and fromage frais, “very large” eggs from Ferme du pré… Not to mention Kinder Bueno (“Full of palm oil, but for the fun!” “, specifies Simon, one of the thirty volunteers of the day): this is enough to fill many tote bags at half mast.

“When we are precarious, we are also in summer, weekends and public holidays”, recalls Julien Meimon, president of the Linkee association, at the origin of this type of solidarity distribution based on the principle of recovering unsold food. “Sustainable” is the key: both thanks to quality stocks – collected from wholesalers, farmers, restaurateurs, caterers, artisans, etc. – but also because the aid takes place over time, at least as much as the young people will need it. No question, therefore, of packing during the summer period.

“It’s endurance. We must revolt. Above all, do not trivialize! », Says Astrid Bourquin

“Full of gratitude”, Astrid Bourquin, 25, refuses to see ” an acquired ” : “We end up getting used to our struggles. But we shouldn’t! “ With the food she collects, the art history student also feeds her sister and her mother, who suffers from psychological disorders. “It’s heavy to have to take care of everything and to combine with the studies”, she says. In April, Astrid found a “Miraculous job” in an artisan donut store: “I thank karma! With what I earn, I can also pay for my mother’s medical expenses. “ She repeats : “It shouldn’t become a habit. It’s endurance. We must revolt. Above all, do not trivialize! “

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