At CES in Las Vegas, big and small nuggets of the mobility of tomorrow

Sparse aisles, spaces left gaping by absent exhibitors. CES 2022, this high mass of technological innovation which will be held in Las Vegas from January 5 to 7, did not bring together the masses of faithful that we could meet in the years before the pandemic crisis. However, when it comes to cars and mobility, some trends, spectacular, surprising or funny innovations stand out. Here is a subjective selection.

2022 is the year of lidars, these laser radars considered essential sensors for self-driving cars. Our French champion of the genre, the equipment manufacturer Valeo is presenting two new generation lidars in Las Vegas this year (long and short range). But browsing the mobility pavilion at CES 2022 is to measure how fierce the competition is in this area. In barely 200 meters, we come across fifteen start-ups with unfamiliar names: Carnavi, Innofusion, Lumotive, Ibeo, Hesai, Infoworks, Xenomatix, Orsys… They are South Korean, Chinese, German, Belgian, American or Israeli. .

The Chinese Robosense is presented as the world’s largest producer, equipping Chinese brands or the experiments of the Web giant Alibaba. Exhibitors compete for ideas for attention. Thus, the South Korean Exro offers to play the game “123 Soleil” from the series Squid Game, the eyes of the killer doll being equipped with the lidar of the company.

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But the battle isn’t just between manufacturers. The question is whether we can do without a lidar to go to the driverless car, as Tesla has decreed. The manufacturer of lidars Luminar has installed a device to prove that it is difficult to do without its product. A child mannequin appears in front of two vehicles, Luminar’s stopped, the other car, a Tesla, collides with the fictitious character.

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The stake is high because many manufacturers would be tempted to do like Tesla. An artificial intelligence start-up,, caught the eye of Stellantis executives with its ability to identify very complex situations in extreme conditions (night, crowds of pedestrians, fog) with its algorithms and simple cameras.

  • The car with changing colors

German premium automobile giant BMW unveiled on Wednesday January 5th the first car in automotive history to be able to change color. The effect is impressive: the dress of the racing car that served as the basis for the BMW iX Flow concept seems to shimmer from black to white. It is not a screen placed on the vehicle, but digital ink.

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