Change of head at the interministerial digital department, in the midst of an internal crisis

“Misunderstanding”, “violence”, “suffering” : the same words were repeated throughout the interviews. More than twenty agents from the interministerial digital department (Dinum), responsible for supporting all ministries in their 2.0 transition, had agreed to testify to the World the deterioration of their working conditions since the reorganization of their administration in early 2019, under the leadership of director Nadi Bou Hanna. Two thirds of these employees have left Dinum, one third has stayed there. Almost all of them wished to remain anonymous.

Tuesday, December 7, on the eve of the publication of this survey by The world, Nadi Bou Hana announced by email to his teams that he was leaving his posts “Mid-January”, “after three years of exceptional intensity”, he specifies. Does this departure correspond to ” wish ” of Mr. Bou Hana, as he writes, or is it imposed by the government to respond to the crisis experienced by the service?

For more than two years, according to agents interviewed by The world, sick leave, burn-out, prescriptions for antidepressants have multiplied within this central service, placed under the authority of the Prime Minister and under the supervision of the Minister of Transformation and Public Service, Amélie by Montchalin. Open letters, letters to the authorities, referrals to occupational medicine and unions would not have changed anything. To the point of causing a veritable hemorrhage of personnel with skills that are however sharp and sought after, attracted there at the outset by the ambition to modernize the action of the State.

Witnesses met by The world denounce the management of Mr. Bou Hanna, described as authoritarian and dehumanized, but also the inconsistency of the strategy implemented and a human resources policy which makes a key sector precarious in the success of the digital transformation of the State, yet promoted as one of the strong axes of Emmanuel Macron’s program in 2017. An ambition constantly renewed during the five-year term, while the health crisis accentuated the need for openness of data and access to dematerialized public services, at point that a budget of 500 million euros has been deployed until 2022.

Worrisome precariousness of the teams

After the government information service, to which The world had devoted an investigation on July 16, it is the second entity dependent on the services of the Prime Minister which is seen implicated by its agents for brutal management practices. The first is located at 4e floor of 20, avenue de Ségur, in Paris, the second at 5e. A former employee of Dinum denounces there “A climate of fear”, a “Insidious violence” and “A general malaise”. She tells “Almost untenable work peaks lasting several weeks”, with the obligation to accumulate the responsibilities left vacant by departures not replaced. Arrested, placed on antidepressants, with no prospect of development, she ended up shortening her contract.

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