Cheick Mahamane Koné, the undocumented migrant who demands justice from Frichti

In his next life, when he will have ” papers “, he hopes he will be “Forklift driver” Where “In guarding” or “Self-service employee, to tidy up the shelves”. These are the dreams of Cheick Mahamane Koné, 30 years old.

This immigrant from Côte d’Ivoire left his country in 2014 to flee the political crisis. He arrived in Paris in 2018. In the meantime, his journey has taken him to Morocco, from where he embarks for Europe at the risk of his life. On October 17, 2017, he was one of the fifty-five passengers of a Zodiac sailing to Spain: “Twenty-four hours of crossing, without eating or drinking. There was wind, waves, people passed out, others vomiting ”, he remembers. A Spanish Red Cross boat finally comes to rescue them. In France, he was placed in a detention center, then sent back to Spain, from where he was sent back to France …

Under another’s account

In the capital, he works without papers. In June 2019, he met a delivery man from Frichti, the French meal delivery platform: “He asked me if I could make a delivery for him. ” In a few days, Cheick Mahamane Koné learned to ride a bicycle. This is how he began in this profession, working on behalf of another. The latter, declared as a self-employed person and in a regular situation, pockets 30% of the earnings of his “employee”. The situation lasts a year.

Things change in June 2020, following a daily investigation Release on an undocumented delivery man working for a Frichti subcontractor. The platform then decides to check the residence permit or identity card of its deliverers. More than 200 of them, in an irregular situation, lose their jobs. After mediation between the Prefecture of Police, the CGT union and Frichti, nearly half have the possibility of initiating a regularization procedure with the Ministry of the Interior.

The others each receive 1,400 euros from Frichti. In exchange, the platform makes them sign a document of which many, reading French poorly, do not understand the content and of which they have no trace. Among them, a first group of sixty-six delivery men, of which Cheick Mahamane Koné is a part, must stand trial at the Paris industrial tribunal on Friday, December 3: they are asking for the recognition of an employment contract with the platform. form. And what follows: payslips, salary reminders on the basis of the minimum wage, equivalent of paid leave …

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