Eric Zemmour presidential candidate in a clip that makes the rights holders of the images scream

Is this proof of amateurism? Or a clearly premeditated strategy? Immediately put online Tuesday, November 30 at noon on YouTube, and broadcast live on 24-hour news channels, the clip in which Eric Zemmour announces his presidential candidacy sparked controversy among the media concerned.

Between two sequences featuring him in front of a library against a background of 7e Symphony of Beethoven, the far-right polemicist has in fact chosen to insert images from television broadcasts (France 2, France 3, BFM-TV, France Culture…), films – Breathless, Jeanne D’Arc, Wretched, etc. -, or showing personalities such as Yann Barthès, Aymeric Caron or the Minister of Justice, Eric Dupond-Moretti. Problem: none of the rights holders contacted by The world has not previously received any request for authorization to broadcast.

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La Gaumont, which owns the rights to the film Jeanne D’Arc, Luc Besson, andA monkey in winter, by Henri Verneuil, some images of which appear stealthily in Eric Zemmour’s clip, claims to have “Discovered to her amazement, Eric Zemmour’s campaign clip featuring extracts from films from her catalog, for which she has not granted any authorization”. According to our information, the company is looking at the legal actions to be taken. Luc Besson told Agence France-Presse (AFP) that he wanted to take legal action. For its part, Pathé confirms to World do not have “Given no authorization to the use of images reproduced in the video announcing Eric Zemmour’s candidacy”. Contacted by Telerama, singer Barbara’s nephew, Bernard Serf, was indignant at the use of the singer’s image by the now candidate: “Is it necessary to specify that this appropriation, as revolting as scandalous when one knows the work and the humanist commitments of the artist, was made without the agreement of the family of the person concerned? “, he wrote to the weekly.

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“Eric Zemmour will have to pay the rights to the images taken”

The polemicist’s team defended itself from these criticisms by citing the said law “Short quote”, in an email to AFP. In this area, the law is however clear: “Any reproduction, even partial, is an infringement of copyright., explains Christophe Bigot, lawyer specializing in media law. The exception for short quotation is very limited, and neither propaganda nor political communication fall into this category ”. The lawyer specifies that a beneficiary has the possibility of requesting compensation, a withdrawal of images whose use disturbs him, or even both.

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