For Lynk & Co, monthly rental is the future of the automobile

An automobile manufacturer can differentiate itself by making clear technological choices or by adopting an original style for its models. Lynk & Co does not have this kind of ambition. This firm created by the Chinese group Geely and its Swedish subsidiary, Volvo, has decided to mark its territory by offering its cars in the form of a rental formula, which can be canceled at any time.

By paying a fee of 500 euros per month, you can have a Lynk & Co 01 – an SUV derived from a Volvo XC40 – and travel 15,000 kilometers per year at the wheel. Maintenance is included and only fuel and electricity (this is a plug-in hybrid version) are the responsibility of the user who, moreover, can reduce his costs by subleasing his vehicle at third with the blessing of the mark.

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This approach imposes particular constraints. Made in China, the 01, only available in navy blue or black, has no options, there is no sales network (Volvo dealers provide maintenance) and the charge is significantly higher than what would be, for the same car, a long-term rental rent. Lynk & Co certainly did not invent the monthly rental formula that Aramisauto also offers (for reconditioned used cars) just like Hyundai and Seat in their catalog. The constructor, which is defined as “The Netflix of the automobile”, believes, however, that it has taken the equation much further by associating it with a car-sharing formula and by promoting the emergence of a community of users.

Profile without surprise

According to Lynk & Co, the start is promising. Despite the disruptions linked to the pandemic and the difficulties of supplying electronic components, some 30,000 subscribers have already been recruited. In total, 95% of them have opted for rental because it is still possible to pay cash by paying 41,500 euros. The Netherlands is the country that appreciates monthly rentals the most, ahead of Italy and Sweden. Germany, where a more traditional relationship to ownership seems to prevail when it comes to cars, is lagging behind. As for China, there is no question of distributing Lynk & Co there other than in the form of a very classic sales contract.

Apparently paradoxical, the first subscribers have so far shown remarkable loyalty

In France, where only 200 deliveries were made, 4,000 “Members” have subscribed to the subscription formula which is currently only possible in the Paris region. a « club », place of convergence of “Lynk & Co community” where you can chat and have a drink between pioneers of the car subscription, as there are already in Amsterdam, Berlin or Gothenburg, will see the light of day in 2022 in the capital.

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