Help, my bank is sold!

“ING announces to withdraw from the online banking market in France (…) and is currently exploring with third parties the possibility of concluding an agreement regarding its customer portfolio. “ The official announcement of December 21, 2021 raises legitimate questions from the million customers claimed by ING in France.

“There is no need to worry: this is not a bankruptcy but a decision of the group, which is also a solid player”, reassures Basile Duval, content manager of the bank comparator Two potential buyers would be in the running: Societe Generale, for its online bank Boursorama, and Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, for Fortuneo.

For the time being, some ING customers have been surprised to be informed of the imminent closure of their Orange Savings booklet. The association for the defense of banking users France Conso Banque estimates the number of accounts concerned at 300,000. “ING seeks to get rid of its less profitable accounts before selling its customer portfolio”, deplores Michel Guillaud, the president of the association, which launched the defense collective Les Orphelins d’ING.

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For his part, Frédéric Niel, director of ING’s online banking in France, confirms since the summer of 2021 to close certain passbooks yielding 0.01%: “Only customers holding an Orange Savings booklet and no other product at ING are affected by these closings. “

What to do today if you are an ING customer? “The bank remains 100% operational. Customers can continue to use their accounts, cards and services as usual ”, assures Mr. Niel. Asked by The world, the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR) is reassuring: “When a bank is sold, customers usually do not have to take any particular action as a result of this sale. “ So there is no need to rush.

15 euros per transferred line

The attitude to adopt depends on the type of products held by the customer at ING. “If you only have a current account, it may be wise to go in search of a new establishment, taking advantage of the welcome offers regularly offered by certain online banks”, notes Matthieu Robin, in charge of banking insurance at the UFC-Que Choisir.

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The situation is more complex if you also have savings and credit. Indeed, the transfer of a securities account or a share savings plan (PEA) to another establishment is possible, but it is invoiced by ING 15 euros per line transferred up to the limit of 150 euros. “We want to obtain free transfer operations for eligible products such as securities accounts and PEA”, adds Mr. Guillaud. There is no rush to transfer these accounts just yet. “Many other banks reimburse the transfer fees to their new customers”, however, notes Basile Duval, at Panorabanques.

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