In France, the labor market is showing astonishing vitality

Record job offers, permanent contracts which are increasing faster than fixed-term contracts, employees who change jobs, medium-sized towns which are recreating jobs … Even if the dynamism of the recovery is causing shortages and bottlenecks, -It has a doping effect on the labor market, which displays an insolent health in view of the scale of the crisis linked to Covid-19. With 96,100 net job creations in 3e quarter, according to the estimate published Friday, November 5, by INSEE, salaried employment continued its momentum. This is the third increase in a row, after + 0.8% and + 1.4% in the 1is and 2e quarters. At the end of September, private salaried employment exceeded its pre-crisis level by 0.9% (i.e. 185,600 jobs), in all sectors except industry, which remained a little behind and accused a deficit of 45,100 jobs. In connection with this delay, temporary employment also remains slightly down compared to the end of 2019.

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This strong recovery in the labor market is confirmed by recruitment specialists. “With nearly 1 million job offers posted in the third quarter on our platformsforms, recruitment volumes are very high, and we do not see any short-term slowdown, confirms David Beaurepaire, Managing Director of HelloWork, which owns the RegionsJob, ParisJob and Cadreo platforms. The number of applications is also breaking records, but thoseThese are increasing less quickly than job vacancies, which explains the recruitment difficulties encountered by certain companies. “

With 520,000 workers affected, partial unemployment fell to a very low level in September

“The support measures and the recovery plan are boosting activity, explains Bruno Ducoudré, economist at the French Observatory of Economic Conjunctures (OFCE). In addition, surveys seem to indicate that sanitary measures lead to productivity losses, so companies need to hire in the short term to compensate. Job creation is likely to slow down when health measures are eased and higher productivity levels are found. ” With 520,000 workers concerned, or 3% of private sector employees, partial unemployment fell back to a very low level in September, figures from the directorate of research, studies and research leadership indicated on Friday. statistics from the Ministry of Labor (Dares). Partial long-term activity has also fallen, with 180,000 employees concerned, against 220,000 in June, a drop of 18%. Permanent contract hires (+ 13.9% in 2e quarter), they are progressing faster than those on fixed-term contracts (+ 3.9%).

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