In Lyon and Strasbourg, parents of students and teachers are mobilizing for families on the street

Children who sleep with their families in the car or in the street before going to school. The situation is not new, but since the start of the school year, parents and teachers have been mobilizing to challenge the public authorities and find accommodation solutions. Especially in Strasbourg, where they asked the municipality (EELV) to act in favor of these students.

About fifty people thus demonstrated, Wednesday, December 8, in front of the headquarters of the Eurometropolis, at the call of the very young collective Pas d’enfant à la rue. The movement started from the Paul-Langevin school, in the working-class district of Cronenbourg. Since June, a family with two children was helped by teachers who pledged a pot to pay for hotel nights. But, for three weeks, the family slept in their vehicle. Alerted, the city found a hotel room for five days, then the SIAO, the integrated reception and guidance service, took over. The family now has accommodation until March. The information circulated, other teachers contacted the team, then parents of students followed, and associations in the field reported the cases of children encountered in marauding. All Strasbourg establishments, even those in the city center, are concerned.

The collective speaks of a hundred minors – the city of Strasbourg recognizes nearly 50 homeless children – but invokes the responsibility of the State in emergency accommodation. In fact, since the end of November, around fifty families with children have been accommodated in a gymnasium as part of the Extreme Cold Plan, several of them are known students of the collective.

Catherine, a teacher at the Paul-Langevin school, had high hopes for the meeting with the elected officials of the EELV municipality at the end of the rally: “The city has empty buildings, they might not be up to standard, but it couldn’t be worse than being in a tent. “ Finally, no concrete proposal was made. “The city has created 194 accommodation places, 190 others at the Eurometropolis level are in the process of being. Thoughts are underway, but the answers will not arrive tomorrow. The State must take its responsibilities ”, invokes Floriane Varieras, deputy mayor of Strasbourg in charge of the inclusive city.

Harout (the first name has been changed) is one of the families housed at the Branly gymnasium, with his wife and two secondary school children in Strasbourg for two years. They have been asked to leave their homes once their asylum claim is rejected and will appeal. The Armenian family stayed in tents, then in hallways of buildings. From now on, they are in the gymnasium, very far from the college, until December 19. “We’re all together. There is noise at night, the children do not sleep. I am also worried about the Covid-19. “

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