In the Orelsan kebab, a story of Caen with a “beau gosse magic sauce”

By Jean-Jacques Lerosier

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“Hi hunk, what do you want?” ” In the heart of Caen (Calvados), a stone’s throw from the pleasure basin, Arthur is laughing. In second class at Dumont d’Urville high school, he knows by heart the usual line of Ahmad Pourmand who takes the kebab order behind the counter. “Handsome, handsome… Papa always greeted his customers with his formula. I continue… ” Everything is usually accompanied by “magic sauce”, the recipe kept secret and become emblematic. To the point of giving his name to the restaurant, Magic beau gosse, propelled to the front of the Caen scene thanks to a discreet tribute signed Orelsan, alias Aurélien Cotentin, one of the most prominent rappers of the moment.

Ahmad Pourmand checks the sanitary passes of customers who eat there. In Caen, December 10, 2021.
8 pm: the Magic beau gosse opens with Esmaeil, the father. In Caen, December 10, 2021.

Among the customers of the kebab which has opened day and night since 2005, the former student of the Normandy School of Management has long been a regular. “Aurel. His real first name is Aurélien. A lovely boy. He arrived late, we had a good laugh together ”, says Esmaeil Pourmand, Ahmad’s father.

Before settling three seagull flights from the port of Caen, Esmaeil had opened a first kebab, La Panthère rose, in the station district. “Guess who lived above the kebab? Ablaye, whose real name is Abdoulaye Doucouré, Aurel’s friend. He came to have a snack with him. In fact, we have always known each other. “ Skread, Matthieu Le Carpentier of his real name, from the neighboring town of Hérouville-Saint-Clair, also joined them. It is this same trio led by Orelsan and joined by their friend Gringe who will hit the landscape of French rap.

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“But where is he, Orelsan?” “

Faithful to the city that saw him grow up, the ex-future manager turned rapper has not deserted the place.

« Orelsan kept coming to see us. Before the release of his album “Civilisation”, he came by to talk to us about a little dedication for our attention. We thought of a wink during a report in Caen, but never of a refrain about us. »

The song : Clean. The chorus :

“It’s clean / Five o’clock in the morning on the port, one last shot / It’s for my town, handsome Magic sauce. “

“The day before the outing, Ablaye warned us: it will be heavy! Overnight, it was the explosion. We went from one of Orelsan’s addresses to the status of a Caen institution. “A third of new customers since November 19, the album’s release date, says Esmaeil. Entire families sit on the folding chairs.

“Orelsan touches everyone, from grandfather to grandchildren. The other day an elderly couple arrived from Saint-Tropez. A Belgian woman came. She kept asking us: “Where is he, Orelsan?” “

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