Significant increase in the value of French stamps

How to estimate the value of your stamp collection or choose at what price to sell one of your precious stamps? Every year, collectors watch for the publication of the French Yvert and Tellier stamp listing catalog. For its 2022 edition, released in September, the trend is clear: the time is for a general rise in odds.

The CEO of the Yvert et Tellier publishing group, Benoît Gervais, explains this progression by the successive confinements and travel restrictions linked to Covid-19, which have caused the return of former collectors and the arrival of many new customers, “After years of crossing the desert”.

“In 2020, Black Friday was crazy”, causing a “Extraordinary leverage” in 2021, he adds.

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The France catalog is printed in 35,000 copies and the publisher distributes annually nearly 100,000 catalogs, all editions combined (Africa, Europe, former colonies, etc.), in addition to downloads from the online library.

Vermilion lively canceled, 27,500 euros

For the so-called “classic” stamps, that is to say issued in the XIXe century, from 1is January 1849, the star of the France collection is the 1 franc vermilion. Its rating earns 5,000 euros over one year, reaching 130,000 euros, nine. The canceled version of the 1 franc vermilion vive is at 27,500 euros, against 26,500 euros in 2020. A strip of four of this stamp (with obliteration large points and a margin of an affected stamp) is also currently on sale at Behr, in Paris, at the price of 104,000 euros.

This strip of four of 1 vermilion franc is on sale at Behr for 104,000 euros.

Also on the rise: the so-called “Presidency” program from President Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte captioned “REPUB. FRANC. “, The price of which went from 47,000 euros to 48,500 euros for the n ° 9 (10 centimes bistre), while a” blue on cream “shade appears in the catalog for the 25 centimes blue, to 6,750 euros .

What about the XX stampse century? The “Semeuse” earn a few euros. Among the other increases: “Philatelic Exhibition of Le Havre” (+ 50 euros), 1.50 francs “Jacques Cartier” from 1934 (+ 10 euros), “Claude-Bernard”, 1940 (+ 4 euros). For the rest, stability dominates. Decreases are rare: “Femme au plour”, 1940 (- 2 euros), “Œuvres de l’air” and “E. Chabrier”, 1942 (- 20 centimes).

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The complete years (that is to say the few dozen stamps issued in the same year) show increases for the most recent vintages such as 1989 (+ 9 euros), 2000 (+ 7 euros), 2006 (+ 11 euros), 2007 (+ 13 euros), 2011 (+ 24 euros, with the sheet “Cathédrale de Reims ”which takes 3 euros, at 9 euros) and 2012 (+ 19 euros).

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